MaxiPRO MP808

MaxiPRO MP808TS is your perfect companion if you are looking for ultra-portability. Featuring a fast quad-core processor, MP808TS offers maximum convenience and swift diagnosis. The intuitive user interface makes using the device effortless through a 7-inch LCD touch screen that displays at 1024 x 600 quality. Together with the ability to quickly read and clear Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) enhanced codes for TPMS module of the majority of the makes and models on the market, MP808TS provides you with superior special functions for TPMS services with ease.

There are two main components of the MP808TS system:

– MP808TS Display Tablet – the central processor and monitor for the system. 
– MaxiVCI Mini (Vehicle Communication Interface) – the device for accessing vehicle data.

Basic functions:

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