DiagProg4 diagnostic tester is innovative diagnostic equipment used for diagnostics, repair,  programming modules such as Airbag sensors, ECU, Anti-lock Braking System pump (ABS) and many more.

What We Do

Elprosys mission is to be a leading manufacturer of advanced automotive electronics on the Polish and international markets. Due to our knowledge and experience, we are able to produce and provide our customers with specialized, innovative and technologically advanced equipment at affordable prices. Thanks to continuous development and hard work, our products are strictly matched to client requirements.

We are always ready to provide our customers with business benefits and anticipate a competitive offer. In addition, due to the use of international procedures and standards in the field of production and product inspection, we are able to provide our customers with the excellent quality of the products. We do our best to offer fast, professional and complex customer service.

Reading & erasing diagnostic faults(DTCs)

Engine oil inspection reset

Diagnostic & repair of car modules

Reading & erasing of advanced service history

Flash EEPROM emulation reading/writing via OBDII